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Graduate applications help (US, Energy, Transport, Davis)

Applying to UC Davis/ Energy-Transport-Environment graduate programs

Can India learn from China’s war on pollution

(a place to dump resources and notes for now, please come back)     Spillover effects  

GRE post in process

Make sure if the specific programs (not just school) you're targeting do require GRE scores and what section (quant/ verbal/ topic eg. physics). Because there's has been an (unfair) wave of scrapping the GRE from admission process altogether at many... Continue Reading →

Conquering the Great (Fire)Wall of China

Here are some tips/ hacks I gathered while planning my first trip to China. Hope it helps you. HOW TO GOOGLE? Wrong question! All google services banned here. (check if your fav site is banned here) Let's start by getting... Continue Reading →

FAQ on PM-Masks

If you're living in an Indian city, just start by accepting that air pollution is a health emergency for you. Question is how one can protect from this. The best way is to educate yourself on the issue. Starting point:... Continue Reading →

The interesting case of grid electricity LCA (life cycle GHG analysis)

Why is this important? Electricity generation is a major contributor to greenhouse gases inventory in almost every country. But one can argue if we are aiming for 100% RE anyway, why do grid emissions matter? Yes, that’s the goal, but... Continue Reading →

#RandomPost: Gandhi’s bhajan sung by 124 countries

*god bless late night youtube* On the occasion of the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, artists from over 124 countries have contributed in paying homage to the Father of the Nation through his favourite bhajan ‘Vaishnav Jan To’ (one... Continue Reading →

Environmental economics in Transportation

[Here I'm trying to explain the basic concepts of environmental economics in the context of the US road transportation policy. Please let me know if I did a bad job of explaining some part here or missed something. This is... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Davis

Since my first day in Davis, I've been thinking of writing a post as an introductory guide to students flying from their homes abroad to start the exciting-scary journeys as international graduate students in the US. Today I randomly came... Continue Reading →

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